Episode 66

Manchin Bill, Forward Party, Deshaun Watson, Monkeypox, A Tale of Two Erics

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start with the Forward Party’s push to crash America’s two-party system before turning to the underwhelming punishment the NFL is handing down to Deshaun Watson. Then we revisit Will Smith and the Oscars slap, dive deep on Sen. Joe Manchin’s new budget bill, take stock of the Monkeypox outbreak, and marvel at Trump’s double ERIC endorsement in Missouri.   


Rikki gives a rundown of the Forward Party, its mission statement, and core issues it’s built itself around. Ravi explains the different litmus tests that will determine whether the party will sink or swim. Cory pushes back, airing his skepticism that this will be the third party to finally break through as a competitor to the Republican-Democratic duopoly.

The hosts discuss the NFL’s punishment for Deshaun Watson over dozens of sexual misconduct allegations. They touch on the hypocrisy, possible virtue-signaling, and backroom politics that played into the outcome.

The hosts use Will Smith’s apology for slapping Chris Rock as a lens to examine an inconsistency in who polite society is willing to forgive. 

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki break down Democrats’ sprawling Inflation Reduction Act, touching on a few of its key climate provisions before diving into how it could change the tax code. 

Rikki gives us an update on the concerning spread of Monkeypox as she and Ravi argue the incompetence of our bureaucracies continue to hold back our responses to crises.

The hosts have a good laugh as they talk about the hilariously noncommittal move from Trump to endorse both Erics running for Senate in Missouri. 

Finally, Ravi addresses a listener’s comment that adds some nuance to our coverage of Amazon acquiring One Medical.

Forward Party [01:02]

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Deshaun Watson Suspension [10:35]

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Will Smith Apology [16:15]

Will Smith Apology Vid (Will Smith YouTube Channel, 07/29)

Manchin Deal [21:04]

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 Summary
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Monkeypox [35:44]

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Eric/Eric Endorsement [42:40]

Inside the wild Bedminster lobbying spree that led to Trump’s double Missouri endorsement (Politico, 08/02)
Trump endorses ‘ERIC’ in Missouri primary, a name shared by rivals (The Washington Post, 08/01)

Voicemail [45:29]