Episode 40

Libs of TikTok, Death Penalty, Legacy Admissions, Biden vs. Charters

Things get loud as Ravi, Cory, and Rikki discuss the Libs of TikTok Twitter page and Taylor Lorenz’s contentious reporting on it this week. They then roll their eyes as they contend with the baffling prevalence of legacy admissions in higher education before touching on a darker, similarly antiquated feature of America: the death penalty. Finally, Ravi airs his grievances with the new Biden-backed regulations on charter schools. 


Cory and Rikki get into a spirited debate over the Libs of TikTok page and what it aims to do, while Rikki calls out Taylor Lorenz’s questionable reporting on the account’s creator. Ravi questions her right to privacy given her high-profile political activism and the misdirected focus of the coverage. [01:11]

Yale Law graduate Ravi can’t believe his luck as he and the other hosts discuss the advantages legacy students enjoy when applying to college. They then outline some proposed legislation to curb the antiquated standard. [16:47]

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki get into a light, airy discussion on the death penalty. The hosts largely agree on the issues with capital punishment, listing such problems as wrongful convictions, waste of public resources, and racial disparities. [23:14]

Ravi deconstructs the new DOE regulations on charter schools and argues they’re a roundabout way to prevent more competition with public schools. He also touches on the hypocrisy of a certain anti-charter figure on the left. [33:59]

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