Ep 211

Let Dorsey Live, Impractical Leftists, Education’s New Frontier

Ravi discusses the case of Brian Dorsey and what it says about the country's sentencing system. He then talks with Arash Azizi about the political left in the U.S. and with Linda Jacobson about how Education Savings Accounts could change the educational landscape.


Ravi kicks off today’s episode by taking a critical look at the case of Brian Dorsey, a prisoner in Missouri facing the death penalty. Missouri Governor Mike Parson denied Dorsey’s clemency request this week, despite over 70 correctional officers supporting the plea. Ravi discusses how the case highlights important questions about the country’s sentencing system, including its fairness and ability to deter crime and rehabilitate prisoners.

Next, Ravi talks to Arash Azizi about his recent article in The Atlantic titled “Too Much Purity Is Bad for the Left.” Arash argues that the left needs to become a more unified coalition to make a difference in politics and people’s lives.

Then, Linda Jacobson from The 74 joins Ravi for a conversation about how Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are changing the educational landscape. They dissect the growth of ESAs, the emergence of micro-schools, and how sufficient oversight of new learning models could support the future of education.