Episode 32

Journalists Under Attack, SCOTUS Reform, 2 Years of COVID, Standardized Testing

In today’s show, the hosts discuss the two-year mark of the pandemic, challenges to standardized testing, journalists under attack in Ukraine, and the debate around reforming the Supreme Court. The hosts also give updates on a few stories we’ve covered in previous episodes: Uber/Lyft driver polls and another recall in San Francisco.


The hosts reflect on 2 years of life in the age of COVID-19 before laying out all the seismic changes the pandemic has brought to our society. (00:54)

Ravi brings the discussion around to our preparedness for future pandemics, or lack thereof, and Congress’ role in keeping it that way. (04:55)

Rikki lays out a growing trend in education: changes to standardized testing. Ravi and Cory refer to John McWhorter’s NYT op-ed this week on the racialized element of that debate, and why they agree with McWhorter that some progressive objections to testing miss the mark. (06:03)

Rikki explains how schools have inflated GPAs over the course of decades, making them a deeply flawed measure of objective achievement. (10:37)

They close the testing discussion by touching on Florida’s decision to switch their state-level system, splitting one year-end test into three throughout the school year. (13:12)

The hosts then turn to the tragic deaths of journalists in Ukraine, the apparently targeted Russian hits that are leaving reporters dead, and the overall effort to suppress the truth of the conflict. (18:37)

Cory explains the public consensus around Supreme Court reform before outlining the various proposals on the table, including: expanding the court, term limits, a code of ethics, and greater transparency. The hosts debate each of those areas for improvement, where the arguments for change succeed, and where they fall short. (23:19)

Ravi and Rikki finish with updates on gig worker polling and another recall election in San Francisco, this one for the city’s district attorney. (35:37)

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