Episode 83

Hurricane Ian, Fake Meat Flop, Housing Cooldown, Guilt Tipping

Ravi and Rikki start with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, reviewing the devastation before turning to the state of coastal development and the Biden-DeSantis politics underlying the storm response. Then the hosts move on to a business slowdown for Beyond Meat, a cooling housing market, and the advent of guilt tipping.


The hosts begin with a rundown of the devastation brought on by Hurricane Ian before tying it into the questionable wisdom of coastal development and the truce Biden and DeSantis seem to have called for the sake of their storm response.

Ravi and Rikki highlight the decline of Beyond Meat and use the opportunity to discuss the effective and ineffective messaging we’ve seen from proponents of plant-based eating.

The hosts discuss the cooling housing market and the tangible effects it’s going to have on everyday homeowners and prospective buyers.

Ravi and Rikki recount their own run-ins with guilt tipping while discussing the rise of tipping across the board and how the practice got so ingrained in American culture.

Hurricane Ian // DeSantis // Coastal Development [2:24]

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Fake Meat Flop  [22:04]

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Econ Round-Up [35:19]

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Guilt Tipping [45:56]

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