Episode 103

George Santos, The Homeownership Society, Snow Days

It’s one thing to embellish your resume, it’s another to lie about key parts of your life story. Ravi and Rikki kick off the new year by addressing Rep.-elect George Santos’ list of lies, deceptions, and fabrications. They then switch gears to address a provocative piece in The Atlantic, which argues that real estate should be treated as consumption, not an investment. That’s topped off with a discussion over snow days – should schools still have them? Or does remote learning render them obsolete? Ravi delves into the revelations of George Santos’ past and if Congress can hold him accountable for his dishonesty. Rikki questions whether homeownership should still be synonymous with the American dream. Ravi gives us a rundown on how schools are handling traditional snow days and what he’d like to see implemented.


George Santos [4:30]

Who Is Rep.-Elect George Santos? His Résumé May Be Largely Fiction. (The New York Times, 12/19/22)
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The Homeownership Society [25:15]

The Homeownership Society Was a Mistake (The Atlantic, 12/20)
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Home Not-So-Sweet Home (New York Times, 6/23/2008)
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Snow Days [44:15]

Is Remote Learning Burying Snow Days? It Depends on Where You Live (The 74, 12/31/22)
I Will Teach You To Be Rich (Ramit Sethi)
The Psychology of Money (Morgan Housel)