episode 145

Kids and Phones, AI Winners and Losers, Service Industry in Crisis

What should parents and educators do to curb the growing issue of phones in schools? We talk to education expert Doug Lemov about sensible choices for this complex issue. The service industry’s staffing shortages continue, and Americans are getting fed up with the lousy service. Rikki and Ravi discuss how we got here and how restaurants can use technology to deal with this challenge. Corporate America is jumping on the AI bandwagon. We dive into new data on how companies are starting to use AI and the industries most affected by it.


Kids and Phones [03:11]

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Service Industry in Crisis [32:46]

Diners Are Losing Patience With Restaurant Service—and There’s No Quick Fix (Wall Street Journal, 6/25/23)
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There’s not a ‘labor shortage’ in this country — there’s a good jobs shortage.
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AI Winners and Losers [41:32]

Our early-adopters index examines how corporate America is deploying AI (Economist,
“Knowledge-based” jobs could be most at risk from AI boom (ABC, 6/16/23)
Marketing teams are using AI to generate content, boost SEO, and develop branding to help
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The A.I. boom will boost corporate profits 30% or more over the next decade, according to a
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