Episode 137

Bud Light vs. Everybody, Debt Ceiling Updates, IRS’ Busy Offseason, Teen Peer-Reviewed Research?

Boycotts usually fizzle quickly, but the great Bud Light Boycott of 2023 continues to get heat from every side. Sales are down dramatically, and everyone has an issue with the company’s response. The IRS has been busy this offseason doing some things you'll like and some you probably won't. And finally, just when you thought college admissions could not get any worse, you can now pay to make your teen a “peer-reviewed” author.


Debt Ceiling Updates [00:00]

Biden teases 14th Amendment “authority” on debt ceiling (Axios, 5/22/23)
Goldman Says Treasury Will Drop Under Its Cash Minimum June 8-9 (Bloomberg, 5/21/23)

Bud Light vs. Everybody [02:19]

How Bud Light Blew It (WSJ, 5/21/23)
Bud Light Buying Back Unsold Beer as Company Scrambles After Backlash (Newsweek, 5/22/23)
Ted Cruz says he’s opening an investigation into Bud Light (MSNBC, 5/19/23)
Starbucks slammed for going ‘full Bud Light’ with trans ad (NY Post, 5/19/23)
Dylan Mulvaney Instagram Post (Dylan on Instagram, 4/1/23)
Matt Walsh Tweet (Twitter, 4/16/23)
Matt Walsh Tweet (Twitter, 4/17/23)
Ben Shapiro (Ben Shapiro Show, 4/17/23)
The Bud Light boycott, explained as much as is possible (Vox, 5/19/23)
Dylan Mulvaney’s Response to Boycott (TikTok, 4/27/23)
Bud Light’s New Strategy Is As Bad As The Beer Itself (Daily Wire, 4/10/23)
Alissa Heinerscheid, VP, Bud Light | Make Yourself at Home, Episode 21 (Make Yourself At Home, 3/23/23)

IRS’ Busy Offseason [29:48]

Inflation Bill Impact on IRS (CNBC, 8/9/22)
Democrats’ $80 billion wager: A bigger IRS will be a better IRS (WaPo, 6/8/22)
Dems Poised To Make IRS Larger Than Pentagon, State Department, FBI, and Border Patrol Combined (Washington Free Beacon, 8/6/22)
How a proposed IRS tool could disrupt the billion-dollar tax prep industry (Axios, 5/20/23)
Justices rule IRS can summon bank information without notifying account holders under appropriate circumstances (Scotus Blog, 5/19/23)
The Pandemic-Era Tax Break Keeping the IRS Up at Night (WSJ, 5/20/23)
Biden admin announces plans for IRS direct file system (Fox News, 4/7/23)
IRS to launch its own free tax-filing service in pilot program next year (Yahoo, 5/16/23)
Crapo Questions IRS Commissioner on $80 billion Funding (Sen. Crapo, 5/3/23)

Teen Peer-Reviewed Research? [37:07]

The Newest College Admissions Ploy: Paying to Make Your Teen a “Peer-Reviewed” Author (ProPublica, 5/18/23)
Is the Pandemic Over? Legacy Admissions, Generation Z Voting Data, Facebook’s
Metaverse, China’s MIlitary Might, Rikers Island
(Lost Debate, 11/3/21)
Libs of TikTok, Death Penalty, Legacy Admissions, Charter Schools (Lost Debate, 4/22/22)
The Problem with College Admissions (The Regressives, 12/22/22)