Episode 135

New Twitter Boss, Musk Under Fire, Debt Ceiling Drama, CNN-Trump Tangle

Did Twitter side with Turkey’s authoritarian leader and suppress free speech ahead of the country’s presidential election? Ravi and Rikki dive into Elon Musk’s latest controversy, question his dedication to free speech, and predict how (or if) new CEO Linda Yaccarino will impact Twitter’s bottom line. The hosts then turn to the latest on the debt ceiling negotiations. Will Speaker McCarthy break from the more extreme wing of his party to make a deal, or is there a world where the Supreme Court has to step in to manage a potential constitutional crisis? Next, CNN faces a wave of scrutiny after hosting Trump for a town hall last week. Ravi and Rikki debate the network’s decision and the arguments for and against platforming the former president. Finally, Google has unveiled Bard, their new AI feature aimed at competing with ChatGPT, and the hosts explore what they know so far about its potential uses.


Musk Under Fire [01:01]

Twitter is complying with more government demands under Elon Musk (Rest of the World, 4/27/23)
Twitter accused of censorship in India as it blocks Modi critics (Guardian, 4/4//21)
Erdoğan may discuss Twitter’s past censorship with Elon Musk (Daily Sabah, 12/15/22)
Elon Musk met with Erdogan to discuss Tesla’s and SpaceX’s cooperation with Turkish firms (Insider, 11/8/12)
Turkish Election Goes to Runoff After Erdogan Takes Lead in First Round (WSJ, 5/15/23)
Tech Bosses Are Letting Dictators Censor What Americans See (Yahoo!, 4/19/23)
How Big Tech Silences American Voices Against Tyranny Abroad (Observer, 8/3/19)
When Tech Companies Bow to Foreign Censorship Laws: What’s an Investor to Do? The Motley Fool, 4/20/19)
Elon Musk Obediently Censors Twitter When Dictator Tells Him To (Futurism, 5/15/23)
Elon Musk Is Almost Done Wreaking Havoc As Twitter’s CEO (NY Magazine, 5/12/23)
Three reasons why Linda Yaccarino makes sense as Elon Musk’s pick for Twitter CEO (Semafor, 5/12/23)
Elon Musk picks NBC’s Linda Yaccarino as new Twitter CEO (WaPo, 5/11/23)
Elon Musk slammed for ‘censoring’ Twitter in Turkey ahead of pivotal election — but CEO defends move (NY Post, 5/13/23)

Debt Ceiling Drama [18:42]

Biden to Trim Planned Overseas Trip to Focus on Debt Ceiling (WSJ, 5/16/23)
Intensifying debt talks threaten rare GOP unity (Politico, 5/15/23)
A $1 trillion platinum coin could save the US from economic catastrophe in less than a month (Insider, 5/3/23)
Why I Changed My Mind on the Debt Limit (NYT, 5/7/23)
Invoking the 14th Amendment to dodge the debt limit is risky, Biden aides fear (WaPo, 5/8/23)
House Republicans are signaling they now want to include border legislation in their list of demands for a debt ceiling deal. (Politico, 5/12/23)
Debt-Ceiling Talks’ Late Start Amps Up Pressure on Congress (WSJ, 5/15/23)
Trump Call for Debt Default Echoed by House Extremists (NY Magazine, 5/12/23)
A Boring Plan for Managing the Debt Limit (Very Serious, 1/28/23)
Mint the coin? Buy back bonds? 7 ‘gimmicks’ for dodging the debt limit. (WaPo, 1/29/23)
Paul Krugman, A Few Ways Out of the Debt Ceiling Mess (NYT, 4/18/23)
Paul Krugman, Doing Whatever It Takes on Debt (NYT, 5/4/23)
Previous Debt Ceiling Fights Offer Clues to How This One Will End (Time, 4/19/23)
Yellen: Different system needed to end repeated standoffs over US debt ceiling (AP, 5/11/23)
Debt ceiling has become a ‘crazy kind of double jeopardy on government operations’: Paul Krugman (Yahoo, 5/12/23)
Fmr. Sen. Judd Gregg on debt ceiling standoff: We’re in much more dangerous ground than 2011 crisis (CNBC, 5/15/23)
Biden will get ‘boxed in’ if Congress doesn’t raise debt ceiling, says Laurence Tribe (CNBC, 5/15/23)

CNN-Trump Tangle [32:48]

CNN Went Full Jerry Springer (Atlantic, 5/11/23)
No Playing Ostrich With Trump (NYT, 5/13/23)
Anderson Cooper addresses criticism about Trump town hall (CNN, 5/12/23)
Trump & his audience’s Misogyny & Cruelty are disgusting (Pod Save America, 5/14/23)
Analysis: CNN faces harsh criticism after Trump unleashed a firehose of lies during its live town hall (CNN, 5/11/23)
CNN’s Donald Trump Town Hall Was Essentially a Campaign Rally (Vanity Fair, 5/11/23)
Here Are Five Rules for the Media When They Cover Trump (Bulwark, 5/16/23)
CNN leadership under fire after ‘disastrous’ Trump town hall (WaPo, 5/11/23)
‘Profoundly irresponsible’: Ocasio-Cortez rips ‘atrocious’ Trump town hall (MSNBC, 5/10/23)
CNN town hall with former President Donald Trump (CNN, 5/11/23)


Supreme Court Upholds California Law on Humane Treatment of Pigs (NYT, 5/11/23) 
Court upholds California animal-welfare law (SCOTUS Blog, 5/11/23)
Sundar Pichai, CEO Google I/O Bard Announcement (Google, 5/11/23)
You Can Now Try Google’s Bard Chatbot, an Alternative to ChatGPT (CNET, 5/12/23) 
(8 things that Google Bard can do, but ChatGPT cannot (Business Insider, 5/13/23)
Google Bard hits over 180 countries and territories—none are in the EU (Arstechnica, 5/12/23)