Special Episode

Elite Populism, Prigozhin’s Death, Two Types of Progressives

Ravi is joined by guest co-host Isaac Saul, founder and author of the popular newsletter Tangle. More eyes are on Vivek Ramaswamy and his populist brand of politics after a breakout performance in last week’s Republican primary debate. Ravi and Isaac break down the true meaning of the term, explore the disconnect between so-called populist leaders and ‘ordinary’ Americans, and whether this strategy will ultimately prove successful for candidates with elite backgrounds. Will the plane crash that left Yevgeny Prigozhin and nine others dead serve as a reminder of why Ukraine continues to fight against authoritarian rule? The hosts debate this question and whether there’s any possibility for normalized relations with Russia while Vladimir Putin remains president. Finally, a recent article from Matthew Yglesias argues there are two types of progressives: moralists and pragmatists. Ravi and Isaac discuss the current state of progressivism, the role of economics and moral issues within the ideology, and why public and private sentiments often diverge and result in exploitation by some media outlets.