Episode 111

DOJ vs. Google, Civics Education, Fake Reviews

Ravi and Rikki first welcome today’s guest host, David Dayen, before turning to the Justice Department’s antitrust suit taking aim at Google’s digital ad business. Then we discuss the state of civics education in America, asking what schools should do to mold better citizens. Finally, we take a hard look at what we’re coining the Fake Reviews Industrial Complex and whether it can be unraveled.


Purpose of Education Index (Populace Insights, 2022)

DOJ’s Google Suit [03:25]

Monopolized by David Dayen (2020)
US sues Google over its digital ad ‘dominance’ (Financial Times, 1/24/23)
US Sues Google to Break Up Ad Unit in Heated Antitrust Fight (Bloomberg, 1/24/23)
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Justice Department Sues Google for Monopolizing Digital Advertising Technologies (Department of Justice, 1/24/23)

Civics Education [25:15]

Preparing the next generation of citizens requires bringing back civics (The Hill, 1/20/23)
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State course credit requirements for high school graduation, by state: 2018 (National Center for Education Statistics)
School Is for Wasting Time and Money (NYT Guest Essay, 9/1/22)
Ep. 76 – What Is School For, Nation’s Report Card, Free Range Parenting (Lost Debate, 9/8/22)

Fake Reviews Industrial Complex [43:43]

Five Stars, Zero Clue: Fighting the ‘Scourge’ of Fake Online Reviews (The New York Times, 1/25/23)
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The Impact of Fake Reviews on Demand and Welfare (Jesper Akesson, Robert W. Hahn, Robert D. Metcalfe, and Manuel Monti-Nussbaum, 7/20/22)

Voicemails [56:05]