Episode 53

Depp-Heard Fallout, Saudi Oil, Crypto Mining, Class Size, Rescue Rats

Cory begins by announcing his new podcast, Stitch This, before the hosts move on to the case that’s gripping the nation for all the wrong reasons: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s double-edged defamation trial. From there, they move on to Meta’s foray into higher education with simulated classrooms and newly proposed New York legislation to lower K-12 class sizes. The hosts then give us a quick update on the sedition charges levied against the Proud Boys for their role in the Jan 6 attack on the capital and discuss Biden cozying up to Saudi Arabia after vowing to make them a “pariah” state on the campaign trail. Ravi, Cory, and Rikki then tackle the environmental impact of crypto mining and what it bodes for the future of the industry before wrapping up, most importantly, with rescue rats. 


Ravi puts his law degree to use as he explains the specifics of defamation law pertinent to the Depp-Heard trial. Cory and Rikki hit on the sensational cultural aspects of the case, discussing what turned this into a spectacle, not unlike the OJ case nearly 30 years ago.

Rikki explains the concept of a “Metaversity” and voices her reservations. Ravi takes the side of innovation as he lists the positive potential for this technology while Cory errs on the side of caution.

The hosts break down the legislation to lower class sizes in New York before looking at the inconclusive research behind teacher-to-student ratios and whether it’s the best use of education funds to prioritize cutting the numbers.

Ravi gives a brief rundown of the sedition charges levied against the Proud Boys as Cory gives a reminder of the troubling rhetoric surrounding January 6 to this day. 

The hosts discuss Biden’s reversal on Saudi Arabia, from tough talk of making them a “pariah” state to a rumored visit to the kingdom next month.

Rikki underlines the energy costs of crypto mining as she explains the moratorium set to take effect in New York. Ravi argues it will stem economic investment in the state as Rikki critiques the most common metrics for discussing crypto’s energy consumption.

The earthquake rescue and recovery industry is getting some assistance from an unlikely source: big-ass rats. With their minds now open to the possibilities, they consider other uses for the reviled pests made first responders.

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Rescue Rats [43:35]

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