Episode 29

Cyberattacks, Energy Dependence, Campus Free Speech, Work Police Chief

In today’s show, the hosts discuss the U.S. and Europe’s reliance on Russian energy, how the war in Ukraine is affecting gas prices, potential Russian cyberattacks in response to Western sanctions, Ilya Shapiro’s controversial tweet and the dramatic reception he got at a UC Hastings Law School event, and the hiring practices that got Fort Lauderdale’s police chief fired.


Cory touches on record-high gas prices here in the U.S. and how it will only get worse from here with the White House’s decision to ban Russian oil imports. Ravi elaborates on a key piece of nuance: while the U.S. is technically energy independent, much of the country still relies to some extent on Russian imports. (01:07)

The hosts discuss the political rhetoric pinning soaring prices solely on Biden and what that narrative leaves out or just gets flatly wrong. (03:06)

Rikki explains why the U.S. will likely stand alone in sanctioning Russian energy and why that is. Cory and Ravi discuss how the White House is reportedly looking at Saudi Arabia to help fill the shortfall and why that might not work out as planned. (07:16)

Cory introduces the potentially imminent danger of a retaliatory cyberattack from Russia. Ravi explains why experts believe the U.S. is unprepared for attacks on critical infrastructure, which Rikki qualifies with analysis tabbing the U.S. as the world’s top cyber power. (12:54)

Rikki gives a timeline of what happened with Ilya Shapiro and his controversial tweet regarding Biden’s pick for SCOTUS, as well as the resulting backlash at both Georgetown’s and UC Hastings’ law schools. (19:02)

Ravi argues some critics of Shapiro are applying double standards, and Rikki offers other ways to show your disapproval of a given speaker without resorting to shouting them down. (21:55)

Cory explains why Fort Lauderdale recently fired its police chief: for purportedly giving preferential treatment to minorities as he gave out promotions. Ravi discusses why he can sympathize with the chief’s intention to create a more representative police force while criticizing his flawed pursuit of that ideal. (25:03)

Rikki offers that departments could focus similar efforts on recruitment rather than promotions already within the force, and Cory notes that Scirotto was a pretty obviously political pick who thought he had a mandate to do what got him fired. (32:25)

Cory wraps up the show with an update on how TikTok has suspended all posts and live streams in Russia due to a highly restrictive new law banning so-called “fake news.”  (35:45)

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