Episode 42

Coach’s Prayers, Trump Endorsements, Ukraine, CA Medical Board

Ravi, Cory, & Rikki start with a controversial new bill in California aimed at curbing COVID misinformation before turning to a potentially landmark religious freedom case before the Supreme Court. Then the hosts walk us through the latest developments in Ukraine and wrap things up with Trump’s endorsements in the GOP primaries. 


Rikki explains the parameters of California’s new COVID misinformation law and why defining misinformation has proven dangerous in the course of the pandemic. Ravi pushes back, arguing it’s not far from the existing purpose of a medical board. [01:21]

Ravi decodes some legal jargon and runs down the details of the religious freedom case before the Supreme Court involving a high school football coach in Washington. He argues the case is neither as clear-cut or impactful as some analysts are making it out to be. Rikki and Cory take different sides in terms of their sympathy for the coach. [11:11]

Cory gives an update on the state of the war in Ukraine. Rikki goes through the tragic violence over Orthodox Easter before delivering some statistics on displacement and casualties. Cory supplements that with evidence of more countries severing ties with Russia. Ravi comes in with the increasingly bold U.S. stance that Ukraine will win the war. [22:42]

Ravi sheds some light on an emerging pattern around Trump’s endorsements in the GOP primaries: both on the candidates he chooses and those he doesn’t. Cory and Rikki push back with counterexamples where Trump’s support hasn’t had much of an impact, with Rikki reminding us to consider the candidates and local influences too. [28:25]

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