Episode 121

Classroom AI, Arkansas’ LEARNS Act, Gentrifying Economy?

Ravi, Rikki, and Joe start by revisiting the wave of ChatGPT discourse and looking at some new data on how it’s affecting America’s classrooms. Then we turn to classrooms in Arkansas, where new Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders is setting down an early marker on her education policy: the LEARNS Act. Finally, we look to some new reporting from the New York Times and try to answer a provocative question: is the entire economy gentrifying? 


Classroom AI [03:22]

Teachers and Students Embrace ChatGPT for Education (Walton Family Foundation/Impact Research, 3/1/23)
What Students Are Saying About ChatGPT (New York Times, 2/2/23)
Will ChatGPT Unflip the Classroom? (Education Week, 1/26/23)
With ChatGPT, Teachers Can Plan Lessons, Write Emails, and More. What’s the Catch? (Education Week, 1/11/23)
Noam Chomsky: The False Promise of ChatGPT (New York Times, 3/8/23)
Don’t Ban ChatGPT in school. Teach With It. (New York Times, 1/12/23)
The CEO Behind ChatGPT Says Schools Need to Get Over Their Cheating Fears. Some Experts Agree. (Gizmodo, 1/20/23)
ChatGPT and Plagiarism: Student Cheating Concerns May Be Overblown (Teen Vogue, 2/13/23)
19 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Classroom (Education Week, 1/18/23)
What Do Teachers Think of ChatGPT? You Might Be Surprised (Education Week, 3/3/23)
With ChatGPT, Teachers Can Plan Lessons, Write Emails, and More. What’s the Catch? (Education Week, 1/11/2023)
What does ChatGPT mean for grammar, cyberbullying, and the future of language? (Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/08/23)
How ChatGPT made my lessons more engaging (Chalkbeat, 2/16/23)
How teachers can harness ChatGPT for good (Chalkbeat, 1/6/23)
ChatGPT banned from New York City public schools’ devices and networks (NBC News, 1/5/23)
New bot ChatGPT will force colleges to get creative to prevent cheating, experts say (NBC News, 12/7/22)
This 22-year-old is trying to save us from ChatGPT before it changes writing forever (NPR, 1/17/23)
The End of High-School English (The Atlantic, 3/10/23)
The College Essay Is Dead (The Atlantic, 12/6/22)
New AI tools that can write student essays require educators to rethink teaching and assessment (London School of Economics, 5/17/22)
A Profession in Crisis: Findings From a National Teacher Survey (Education Week, 4/14/22)
1st Annual Merrimack College Teacher Survey: 2022 Results (EdWeek Research Center/Winston School of Education and Social Policy at Merrimack College, 2/22)
Open AI Educator Consideration for ChatGPT (OpenAI)

Arkansas’ LEARNS Act [23:12]

Lost Debate Ep 113 – Rent Control, Birth Control, ESAs (2/7/23)
What is the Arkansas LEARNS Act? (Arkansas Advocate, 3/8/23)
Sanders signs Arkansas LEARNS, her education overhaul, into law (Arkansas Democrat Gazette, 3/9/23)
The School Choice Revolution Rolls On: Arkansas Passes The LEARNS Act (State Policy Network, 3/8/23)
When will Arkansas LEARNS be challenged legally? (5News, 3/10/23)
Arkansas LEARNS Act | Here’s what’s not included (THV11, 3/9/23)
School Choice In 2023: 10 States To Watch (State Policy Network, 1/24/23)
Everything You Need To KnowAbout Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) (State Policy Network, 2/26/21)
Arkansas General Assembly Passes Education Freedom Accounts (American Federation for Children, 3/7/23)
What Are Charter Schools? (Education Week, 8/9/18)
Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) (Ed Choice, 2023)
What to know about education savings accounts, the school choice measure making waves in states (The Hill, 2/5/23)
Sarah Huckabee Sanders: What To Know About The Arkansas Governor And Ex-Trump Spokesperson Giving The GOP’s State Of The Union Response (Forbes, 2/7/23)
The LEARNS Act (State of Arkansas)

Gentrifying Economy? [38:19]

Is the Entire Economy Gentrifying? (New York Times, 3/4/23)
More companies are selling a ‘first-class’ experience (Morning Brew, 3/5/23)
L’Oréal CEO Says Consumers Are Spending More on Better Products (Bloomberg, 3/1/23)
Will ‘premiumization’ disrupt the economy? (The Hustle, 3/7/23)
Why more businesses are upgrading with luxury experiences (The American Genius, 3/9/23)
Premiumization: The Key to Brand Growth (GreenBook, 2/26/19)
Quick shot: A U.S. recession: More likely than not (J.P. Morgan, 12/8/22)

Voicemails [53:58]