Episode 107

Biden & The Boarder, Gas Stoves, Social Security

Ravi and Rikki kick things off with a hot top(ic): gas stoves. We’ll talk about what the debate over the beloved kitchen appliance says about American politics. The hosts then turn to Biden’s visit to the southern border and how new shifts in his immigration policies are drawing flak from both the left and right. Finally, we discuss how the typical retirement age figures into the future financial stability of Social Security.



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Cooking with Gas [4:21]

The Gas-Stove Debate Exemplifies the Silliest Tendencies of American Politics (The Atlantic, 1/12/23)
Population Attributable Fraction of Gas Stoves and Childhood Asthma in the United States (MDPI, 12/21/22)
US Safety Agency to Consider Ban on Gas Stoves Amid Health Fears (Bloomberg, 1/11/23)
The Gas-Stove Ban Freak-out Is the Story We Need Right Now (New York Magazine, 1/13/23)
How the Fossil Fuel Industry Convinced Americans to Love Gas Stoves (Mother Jones, 6/17/21) 
The Culture War of the Week: Your Stove (Slate, 1/13/23)
Gas Stoves and Asthma (Emily Oster, 1/11/23)

Biden @ The Border [15:11]

Biden’s New Legal Migration Border Plan Could Work If He Wants It To (Cato Institute, 1/6/23)
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says Biden failed to secure border in hand-delivered letter (New York Post, 1/8/23)
Biden toughens border, offers legal path for 30,000 a month (AP, 1/5/23)
What Biden’s immigration restrictions mean for migrants (Vox, 1/10/23)
Biden confronts his border problem (The Hill, 1/7/23)
Top Biden officials field frustration from Democratic allies over border crackdown (CBS News, 1/6/23)
Don’t try to make sense of Biden’s border policy (CNN, 1/9/23)
Biden’s Border Plan Drapes Trump Policies in Liberal Rhetoric (The Intercept, 1/6/23)
Biden’s Immigration ‘Parole’ Scam (National Review, 1/7/23)
Opinion: Trump’s immigration policy was a fiasco. Why hasn’t Biden fixed it yet? (CNN, 1/9/23)
A Sober Assessment of the Growing U.S. Asylum Backlog (TRAC Immigration, 12/22/22)
Southwest Land Border Encounters (U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

Social Security [35:45]

French Government Unveils Plan to Raise Retirement Age to 64 (The New York Times, 1/10/23)
It’s Time for the French to Work Longer and Retire Later (Bloomberg, 1/9/23)
This Is When The Average American Retires (Yahoo, 12/18/22)
Pro-con: Should the retirement age go up? (The Heritage Foundation, 10/26/15)
Social Security’s retirement age is moving to 67. Some experts say that could go even higher (CNBC, 4/3/22)
Here is the age when many Americans hope to retire (CNBC, 1/3/22) 
Social Security Funds Could Run Dry by 2035 (Yahoo, 10/3/22)
Social Security isn’t bankrupt: What we know about future benefits based on the latest trustees report (CNBC, 6/25/22)
7 changes Americans are willing to make to fix Social Security — including one with ‘overwhelming bipartisan support’ (CNBC, 8/3/22)
What is full retirement age? (Social Security Administration)
Fact Sheet SOCIAL SECURITY (Social Security Administration)
Raising the retirement age to 70 could save Social Security for us all (The Hill, 11/22/22)