Episode 64

Amazon & One Medical, Gen Z at Home, AOC-Ramos Spat, Slow Justice

Ravi, Cory, and Rikki start with Amazon’s deal to buy One Medical before checking in on BA.5 and a few of the pandemic’s consequences: a near halt to what was already a slow justice system in America, and a sizable percent of Gen Z living back home. The hosts also touch on the friendly fire accusations that AOC is neglecting her district, as well as the latest takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee hearings, before Ravi wraps up with a response to a comment from a listener. 


Ravi unpacks Amazon’s $3.9 billion acquisition of One Medical, arguing it will come down to how effectively Amazon manages to scale their new holding’s concierge medicine model.

Rikki introduces America’s collective shrug in the face of BA.5 and its resulting surge in reinfections, noting the near-total absence of proponents for measures like renewed mask mandates.

Ravi goes through the recent spat between AOC and NY State Sen. Jessica Ramos, constituting some maybe former friendly fire here in New York. The hosts discuss AOC’s political fortunes and what makes her a unique lightning rod. 

Ravi touches on a recent article from The Atlantic and ProPublica identifying one under-discussed culprit behind the nationwide crime surge: COVID closures of courthouses. The hosts debate the theory of swiftness, certainty, and fairness as compared to the severity of the punishment when it comes to deterring crime.

Rikki presents some seemingly stark data on the percentage of Gen Z that still lives at home before arguing the numbers aren’t nearly as discouraging as they appear; quite the opposite. 

Cory checks in on the Jan. 6 committee hearings as they reach their “midseason finale” as the hosts revisit what might come of their case against former President Donald Trump. 

Finally, Ravi wraps up by responding to a comment from a listener on last week’s segment on the teacher shortage in Arizona.

Amazon Buys One Medical [1:08]

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COVID! Hooray! [11:22]

Ineffective Mask Mandates Could be Returning in L.A. and Seattle (Reason, 07/15)
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AOC-Ramos Spat [17:28]

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“Slow Justice” [28:00]

The Cause of the Crime Wave is Hiding in Plain Sight (The Atlantic/ProPublica, 07/19)
Exclusive: 13 Percent of Early Rikers Releases Re-Arrested (Spectrum News NY-1, 07/08)
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Nearly 30% of Gen Z Lives at Home [37:25]

Nearly a Third of Gen Z is Living at Home (and They Plan To Stay) (The New York Times, 07/21)
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Jan 6 Catch-Up [41:46]

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Listener Comment [48:02]

Lost Debate Ep. 63 (7/21)