Teaching Like A Champion With Doug Lemov

This article originally appeared on Imbroglio. Imbroglio is a newsletter from The Branch about how we bring about the education revolution. Most of our posts will focus on the future of K-12 and higher education, but we’ll also cover the imbroglio itself — the politics, misdirection, the excuse-making, the mediocrity. Occasionally we’ll also meander into the general science of learning outside of the traditional education system.

We’re excited to launch Sweat the Technique, a new podcast from Lost Debate. 

The show is all about how we get better, faster. Each week, we’ll apply lessons from the classroom to all areas of life — from parenting, to relationships, to sports, to hobbies, and more. 

Sweat the Technique is hosted by four former principals and superintendents who’ve led gap-closing schools. 

That includes: 

  • Doug Lemov, author of internationally bestselling books and trainer to many successful educators and leaders in professional sports
  • Ryan Hill, founder and CEO of a network of 23 KIPP public charter schools in New Jersey and Miami
  • Stacey Shells Harvey, founder and CEO of ReGeneration Schools
  • Me, Ravi Gupta, former leader of Tennessee’s highest performing network of charter schools and founder of the largest-ever training organization for Democratic candidates and staffers

In our first episode, I interview my co-host Doug Lemov about his seminal book Teach Like a Champion, which revolutionized the training of educators across the world. We discuss why teaching, like any great art, can be broken down into discrete skills – and how you can teach those skills to novices with awe-inspiring results. We also discuss critiques of his work, why he believes they are misguided, and why the techniques from his books are relevant to everyone, not just teachers. 

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